Alameda Clinic

Taking Care of People

A Better Health Clinic in Portland, OR

For the last forty years The Alameda Natural Medical Clinic has been taking care of people in the Portland area with or without insurance coverage. We treat acute and chronic illnesses in a wholistic manner.


General health exams

Skin Exam

Regualar Health Checkups


Diet Review

School or Work Physicals


Specific Conditions

Acute urinary infections

upper respiratory infections

Gastro-intestinal disorders

Anxiety/ Depression events

Blood sugar abnormalities

Blood pressure conditions

Dermatological problems

Lab Work

Blood Draws

Urine Tests


Blood Sugar

Stool Tests

Lifestyle Review

Climate Issues Effecting Health

Diet Review

Excersize Review

Stress and Anxiety

Healthy Aging Consult

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A Better Way to Health

Alameda Clinic offers personalized, comprehensive healthcare, prioritizing patient wellness with natural and integrative treatments. Our approach ensures streamlined, compassionate care, avoiding the administrative hassles and impersonal experience often found in large hospitals.



" Dr. Dan is incredible. He’s a human first and sees health holistically.."

"He is kind, hilarious, and to the point. He has a holistic approach, but is knowledgeable in all fields, as much as one can be."

"I've been seeing Dr. Dan for seven years. I've never had to visit twice for the same ailment.."

Alameda Clinic

3351 NE Broadway
Portland, OR, 97232

Alameda Clinic


3351 NE Broadway
Portland, OR 97232

Clinic Hours

Sunday – Thursday

By Appointment


(503) 282-9222